Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Holiday Reprints Available

The holidays are upon us. If you are looking for a Holiday or Winter article for your publication, you have come to the right place. The following reprints are available for purchase. Please contact me at for pricing information and to preview the piece in its entirety. See the "Reprints Available" tab for a complete list of articles available.


Encouraging Gratitude in Kids (748 words) This article gives tips to help teach kids to be grateful for their blessings, not only during Thanksgiving, but all year long.

Make This Thanksgiving Meaningful (987 words) Thanksgiving isn’t just about food, football, and shopping. This article gives ideas to help parents foster thankfulness within their family and includes a sidebar “Opportunities to Serve with Kids”.


18 Budget Friendly Holiday Traditions (585 words) This article lists inexpensive holiday traditions families can enjoy during the holidays.

Gifts Kids Can Give on a Small Budget (756 words) This article gives gift ideas that cost little or no money.  The sidebar describing how to “Make Your Own Holiday Plate” is included.

What NOT to Give Kids for Christmas (775 words) This is a light-hearted article that lists items parents would rather NOT receive for their children this holiday - loud battery powered toys, messy art supplies that stain, and toys with some assembly required. The article also includes a sidebar “Gifts Parents LOVE to Receive for Their Kids”

Holiday Travel

Travel Tips for Family Trips (678 words) This article gives ideas to keep the kids happy and entertained on any car or plane trip. The sidebar “More Travel Tips from Real Moms” is included.


101 Snow Day Boredom Busters (797 words) This article gives ideas for parents to entertain their kids on a snowy day stuck at home.

How to Survive a Mom Sick Day (532 words) When mom is sick, she doesn’t get time off to relax and rest. This article gives suggestions on how to entertain the kids and still recover when mom is under the weather.

Post-Holiday Organization

Toy Rotation: Reduce Toy Clutter in Six Easy Steps (548 words) This article gives simple steps to implement a toy rotation system and reduce clutter

Valentine's Day

Fight Fair: 10 Rules for Healthy Disagreements in Marriage (962 words) This article gives guidelines couples can use to maintain a healthy marriage, even when disagreements occur.

Pampering Your Spouse: Tips for Busy Parents (742 words )Show your spouse how much you love and appreciate them with a little extra pampering. This article gives ideas that are meaningful, but aren’t impossible for a busy couple.